The Baker-Nord Center and Postgraduate Planning and Experiential Education have teamed up to offer scholarships to support undergraduate humanities majors working in unpaid internships.

Humanities Internship Stipends


For Summer 2019, the scholarships will be awarded in $500 increments (up to a maximum award of $3,000).

The application deadline is Monday, April 15, 2018.


I. Attend
one of the Spring Humanities Meetups.

II. Download the 2019 Cover Sheet to ensure that you understand the process and meet the appication requirements.

III. Prepare your application materials.  As described further within the Cover Sheet, the following materials are required of all applicants:

  1. The Cover Sheet
  2. A Short Essay
  3. Your Budget
  4. Your Resume
  5. An unnofficial copy of your CWRU Transcript
  6. A Letter of Recommendation from your Humanities advisor
  7. A Copy of the offer letter from your employer OR the list of internships to which you have applied

IV. Submit your complete application via the posting for this scholarship on Handshake (CWRU’s online job listing portal).

V. During Your Internship, you will need to submit an update halfway through the summer, and then writen a final 2-page report after you have completed your internship.

VI. Next Fall, all recipients are required to attend a Humanities@Work luncheon, to share your experiences and celebrate one another’s summer achievements.



Here is a Sample Budget. Your own budget should demonstrate that you have thought through the financial responsibilities and rewards of your internship experience, as well as to communicate what expenses (if any) the Humanities@Work scholarship will be applied to. Please note that (i) your budget can include a salary or hourly-wage equivalent, and (ii) your total budget is not necessarily the same as the amount that you may want to request from the Humanities@Work Scholarship Funding.

Postgraduate Planning and Experiential Education has created the CWRU Career Search Guide. It is an excellent resource on a number of topics, including:

  • How to create your first resume
  • Writing cover letters
  • Preparing for interviews
  • And many more. 


Eligibility & Reporting
Stipends are awarded on a competitive basis. Only humanities majors at CWRU are eligible to apply.  Stipends will be paid in two payments to be determined based on the dates of the internship.  All awardees will be required to produce a final report (2 pages in length) at the completion of their internship.