This Humanities Prize is a $500 cash award to recognize exceptional achievement in a capstone project or senior paper.


This award is only available to CWRU humanities students. (Click here for a list of the humanities departments and majors at CWRU.)

Application Details

This year’s deadline is April 24, 2020.
All application materials must be submitted prior to 5:00 PM on this date.

To begin your application, complete the 2020 Humanities Prize Cover Sheet and submit it to

Recent Humanities Prize Winners

Sierra Lipscomb, History ’19, “The Price of Black Power: Winston E. Willis and the Fight for Economic Self-Determination in Cleveland, 1960s – 1980s”
Ann Wang, English and Music ’18, “Transfering Performativity: Song and Class Mobility in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
Cullin Brown, Philosophy ’17,  “Thinking Like a Farm: Thoughts Towards an Ethos of Careful Construction”
Chloe Gellert, History ’16, “World War II and Today’s Refugee Crisis in Germany”
Francesca Langer, History ’16, “Republican Pastoral and Federalist Epic: A Mythology of the First Party System”
Jason Walsh, Philosophy ’15, “New Readings of Louis Althusser”
Derek Reinhold, Art History ’14, “Gods of Fire on the Parthenon: Helios and Hephaistos in the East Metopes”