A metal bas relieve scuplture of Sisyphus, persisting as he forever pushes uphill.The annual Undergraduate Humanities Prize is a $500 cash award to recognize exceptional achievement in a capstone project or senior paper.


This award is only available to CWRU undergradhumanities students. (Click here for a list of the humanities departments and majors at CWRU.)

Application Details

This year’s deadline is April 25, 2021.
All application materials must be submitted prior to 5:00 PM on this date.

To begin your application, complete the 2021-Humn-Prize-Cover-Sheet and submit it to bakernord@case.edu.



Recent Humanities Prize Winners

Jillian White (Classics ’21), “Filial Anxiety in the Poems of Sulpicia”
Morgan McCommon (Art History ’21), “An Attack on Constantine: Vandalism in the 4th-century Frieze of the Arch of Constantine”
Brian Eckert (English ’20), “Dashiell Hammett’s Detectives as Plato’s Ideal Proletariat in Corrupt Capitalist America”
Elizabeth Hanna (International Studies and Religious Studies ’20), “The Religious Rhetoric of Othering: Julia Boutros and Lebanese Christian Support for Hezbollah”
Sierra Lipscomb (History ’19), “The Price of Black Power: Winston E. Willis and the Fight for Economic Self-Determination in Cleveland, 1960s – 1980s”
Ann Wang (English and Music ’18), “Transfering Performativity: Song and Class Mobility in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
Cullin Brown (Philosophy ’17),  “Thinking Like a Farm: Thoughts Towards an Ethos of Careful Construction”
Chloe Gellert (History ’16), “World War II and Today’s Refugee Crisis in Germany”
Francesca Langer (History ’16), “Republican Pastoral and Federalist Epic: A Mythology of the First Party System”
Jason Walsh (Philosophy ’15), “New Readings of Louis Althusser”
Derek Reinhold (Art History ’14), “Gods of Fire on the Parthenon: Helios and Hephaistos in the East Metopes”