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Special Panel: H@W LAW

November 7 @ 6:00 PM. Humanities majors are the most successful applicants to law schools! So it’s no surprise that many of Cleveland’s top lawyers spent their undergraduate years studying History, Art, English, and Philosophy. …Read more.

Smithsonian Internships – Spring Deadlines

Each year, the Smithsonian offers some of the country’s best internships in the public humanities. There are positions available at virtually all of their archives, galleries, and museums. …Read more.

Career Fair Workshops

The Office for Postgraduate Planning and Experiential Education is offering two career fair workshops. They are a tremendous resource for ensuring that you are prepared to get the most out of our Fall Career Fair. …Read more.

H@W Summer Internship Lunch

This luncheon is to cellebrate students who recently completed great internships!  Come learn from the 2018 recipients of the Humanities@Work Summer Stipend program. It will be a fun and relaxed conversation. …Read more.

Fellowship Workshop Nov 5

Have you considered applying for a competitive national fellowship or scholarship but don’t know where to start? This workshop will provide students with information on a variety of prestigious awards and aid them in determining the best opportunities to meet their interests. …Read more.

Fall Leadership Conference

The 2018 CWRU Leadership Conference showcases the resources necessary to lead with purpose, so participants are inspired to positively impact our student organization and leadership community. …Read more.

Capital Punishment Talk

For students interested in social justice, ethics, human rights, and pre-law: The Office of Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Learning is hosting a talk about capital punishment and the death penalty on Friday, September 28, during the community hour. …Read more.

The Crucial Role of Free Press

Wesley Lowery is a 2008 Shaker High School graduate whose work as a lead reporter on the Washington Post’s “Fatal Force” series examining police shootings earned him a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting at the age of 25. …Read more.

Celebrate Art at Toby’s Plaza

Join us on Toby’s Plaza this Friday, September 7 at 5:00 p.m. for a brief overview of the FRONT International Cleveland Triennial and Judy’s Hand Pavilion – the most recent addition to Toby’s Plaza. …Read more.

Humanities Career Meetups

Collaborative working lunches where you can talk through your vision for the future career and design an individualized plan for taking your next steps. The Humanities Meetups are offered by Lisa Grisez-Shullick, Assistant Director, Student Experience Post Graduate Planning & Experiential Education, and Brian Clites, Associate Director of the Baker-Nord Center. …Read more.

Theater at MOCA: #We Are Stokes

Over this past summer, students from Tri-C and CWRU worked with faculty to study the life of former Cleveland mayor Carl B. Stokes, the first black mayor in the United States.  …Read more.

FRONT Bus Tour, Ohio City

The Baker-Nord Center and FRONT:International have organized a special bus tour for CWRU students. The tour will be Friday, September 7, from 2:00 – 5:00 PM.  The bus leaves from Bellflower Rd., in front of Clark Hall.  …Read more.

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