New Minor in Africa & African American Studies


The College of Arts and Sciences has approved a new minor in Africa and African American Studies (AAAS).

The new AAAS courses are open to all students, including students who are not humanities majors and students who are not interested in completing the new minor.  For Fall 2018, the following classes will count towards the AAAS minor:

ENGL 365N/365NC/ETHS 365: Topics in African American Literature, TBA—Thrity Umrigar

ETHS/HSTY 252A: Introduction to African American Studies, T 4-6:30—Joy R. Bostic

ETHS 295/FRCH 295: The Francophone World, MW 12:45-2:00—Gilbert Doho

HSTY 393/ETHS 393: Advanced Readings in the History of Race, Th 4-6:30—John Flores

MUGN 212: History of Rock and Roll, MW 4:50-6:05 and MWF 11:40-12:30—Staff

MUHI 315: History of Jazz and American Popular Music, TTh 10-11:15—Paul Ferguson

SOCI 202: Race and Ethnic Minorities in the United States, TTh 1-2:15—Mary Erdmans

SOCI 366: Racial Inequality and Mass Imprisonment in the US, T 2:30-3:45—Timothy Black

SOCI 355: Special Topics: Racial Inequality, MW 3:20-4:35—Cassi Pittman

RLGN 275: Religion and Pop Culture: Hip Hop (KRS-One to Janelle Monaé) Th 4-6:30—Joy R. Bostic


For more information on the AAAS minor, including its requirements, please visit