City Internships 2019

City Internships offers international opportunities in nine economic sectors, including media, arts, nonprofits, and law. As a City Intern, you’ll attend you internship on a near full-time basis during the course of your program, including internaional classes with the rest of your cohort.

This quadruple-blend of hands-on learning and real-world experience and cohort-based and individual training is what makes CI so unique and effective. You’ll enjoy the intellectual challenge and camaraderie afforded by our series of classes, workshops, and events. And, at your internship, you’ll put theory into practice, develop tangible real-world skills, and begin to build your professional network as you learn alongside new and seasoned professionals.

We have a long history of working with many of the most exciting companies across the globe, from up-and-coming tech start-ups in London to established finance behemoths in New York to masters or marketing and media in LA, that’ll add an edge to your resume. Your CI adviser will provide a full selection of opportunities specific to your chosen city and industry once you have enrolled. In the meantime, browse the placement portal at your leisure.

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