2017 Baker-Nord Scholars



The 2017 Baker-Nord Scholars ascending the muraled stairs of the historic Dittick Museum of Medical History.

The museum is located in the heart of campus, atop the Allen Memorial Library. It was near this spot where, in 1854, Frederick Douglas addressed the college to continue supporting abolitionists. During the 1830s – 1860s, Western Reserve was outspoken in its opposition to slavery.



Austin Amadio Jared Goff Chris Markham Jeremy Rodrigues
Kyle Barclay Will Huffmeyer Paul McCabe Jack Schubert
Harrison Bloom Serena Juchnowski Morgan McCommon Aleksa Sorgatz
Ben Bulpitt Nandiata Kannapadi Marika Meijer Katie Toledo
Hannah Clarke Sonny Kim Chloe Mieras Kasey Vangelov
Izzy Davidson Cassandra Knaggs Aparna Paul Bailey Weir
Nick Forbes Jennifer Marer Meredith Roach Sydney Wilson