Gaming for a Classroom (R)evolution: Transforming Learning through Play

A Baker-Nord Digital Humanities Event

Anastasia Salter

Time:6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Location:Clark Hall Room 309 - 11130 Bellflower Road
Registration:Registration is Closed.

With new technologies and a fluctuating media landscape transforming communication, the traditional classroom and lecture hall is undergoing extensive remediation. Learning in the digital age is impacted not just by the presence of technology but by the expectations it creates for immediacy, interactivity, and responsiveness. Building classrooms centered on these principles can cultivate play and experimentation, often by incorporating games or virtual worlds as part of the learning experience. Such responsive environments, whether in the form of games in classroom or classrooms re-imagined as games, can encourage learner agency both within the classroom and in the changing world beyond. But realizing this potential requires more than "gamification," the practice of adding points systems, achievements, and badges to reward learning. Gamification co-opts only the easiest to replicate portions of games: how can learning be revolutionized by further embracing all the mechanics of play? We'll look at the history of the uneasy partnership of games and education, from the controversy surrounding "edutainment" to the uneasy categories of "serious" games and alternate reality games, and imagine the possible future evolution of playful learning.

Dr. Salter's presentation is the first event of THATCamp Games 2013, presented by the Baker-Nord Center. Information about TCG2013 and registration can be found in the Additional Resources section below.

About the speaker

Anastasia Salter

Anastasia Salter is an assistant professor of Science, Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore. Her research focuses on digital narratives and her recent work has appeared in Well Played, The Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, and The Journal of Popular Culture. She holds a Doctorate in Communications Design from the University of Baltimore and is also in the process of completing her thesis for the MFA in Children's Literature at Hollins University. She also contributes to the ProfHacker blog on technology and pedagogy, hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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