When is a Revolution Complete?

Dorothy Parvaz

Time:4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Location:Clark Hall Room 309 - 11130 Bellflower Road
Registration:Registration is Closed.

Dorothy Parvaz - an on-line journalist for Al Jazeera English, and the recipient of the 2011 National Press Club's John Aubuchon Press Freedom Foreign Correspondents Award in recognition of courageous reporting, for her work in the Middle East. – discusses the events of last spring.

After the Arab Spring - with Iran's Islamic revolution somewhere in the rear-view mirror and Syria still ahead – what does it mean to be in a "post-revolution" state? Is the unseating of a strongman the extent of a revolution? If so, given the issues with rights in these countries with the media, women and religious minorities, are these the outcomes for which people in those countries fought?

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