Digital Humanities Calls for Proposals and Participation

Recent years have seen an ever increasing number of conference and calls focused on digital scholarhip in the humanities. MLA2011 alone boasted nearly fifty such sessions. Mark Sample, assistant professor of literature and new media at George Mason University, has stated that "within the decade it will no longer make sense to compile [a list of digital humanities sessions]; it'll be easier to list the sessions that don't in some way relate in to the influence and impact of digital materials and tools upon language, literary, textual, and media studies."

Below is as complete a list as possible.


Civic Media Reader, MIT Press 2015

Submission deadline: 04-25-2014

The Civic Media Reader (MIT Press, 2015), edited by Eric Gordon and Paul Mihailidis, will provide a thorough exploration of the relationship between citizens, technologies and engagement in a global context and serve as a shared framework for this emerging discipline. We are looking for case studies in the various fields and disciplines in which civic technologies and corresponding practices have developed since the turn of the 21st Century. A case study presents a detailed look at a particular organization, use of technology, or methodology which highlights a unique aspect of contemporary civics. We are asking for 100-word proposals by April 25, 2014. Authors will be notified in early May. Final cases will be due by June 30.

Call for Registration - THATCamp 2014: Digital Writing

Submission deadline: 04-30-2014

THATCamp Digital Writing brings together educators, students, researchers, and anyone else interested in exploring how to push the boundaries of the way we compose today for professional, educational, and personal purposes.

Text/ures: Books as Objects, from Print to Digital - International Symposium Nov. 19-21, 2014 Paris, France

Submission deadline: 04-30-2014

Text/ures: Books as objects, from print to digital is an international and trans-disciplinary project that explores a wide scope of hybrid objects ranging from artist books, movable books and book sculptures to composite works of contemporary literature and digital books. Situated at a crossroads of literature and graphic and visual art culture, all these works elude labeling. We intend “Text/ures” as an investigation of the links between text and fabric—the way textual material is emphasized, activated even, by paper or digital mechanisms. Who are these objects intended for? Which reading temporality or which temporizing do these works necessitate? How is sense offered, proposed, displayed? More generally, are these book-objects destined to be seen, read, exhibited, unfolded, collected or archived? We would like the proposals to delve into the material and fabric of the textual compositions as well as to focus on the haptic dimension of these three-dimensional unfolding paper structures. This symposium seeks to explore the intersections between children’s literature, contemporary literature and artist books through their shared history or evolution towards a new form of materiality.


Edited Collection on Bruce Springsteen for Routledge Studies in Popular Music Series

Submission deadline: 05-18-2014

I am soliciting abstracts by scholars from all disciplines, including scholar-fans and fan-scholars, to be considered for inclusion in an edited collection on Bruce Springsteen, which will eventually be submitted to Routledge’s Studies in Popular Music series. The Routledge Studies in Popular Music series is described as a “home for cutting-edge, upper-level scholarly studies and edited collections covering Popular Music.

The (Digital) Lives of Cities

Submission deadline: 05-31-2014

In Programmed Visions, Wendy Chun suggests that “the call to map may be the most obscuring of all: by constantly drawing connections between data points, we sometimes forget that the map should be the beginning, rather than the end, of the analysis” (177). With this year’s MMLA conference theme of “The Lives of Cities,” the second annual permanent section of digital humanities will explore criticisms of, experiments with, and provocations on mapping, geographic visualization, or other conceptions of urban space that work with or against the digital.


Network Detroit Digital Humanities Theory and Practice

Submission deadline: 06-15-2014

After the success of its inaugural year, Network Detroit: Digital Humanities Theory and Practice will return September 26-27, 2014 to Lawrence Technological University. The first day (September 26th) will be a traditional conference presenting the best of digital humanities research in the great lakes region by leading scholars from museums, libraries, universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges. For this event, we welcome proposals for individual papers, panels, and workshops that focus on the digital humanities, especially regardingDetroit history and culture.

The second day (September 27th) will be an unconference, designed to encourage new local digital humanities collaborations and projects. This unconference will feature a series of DH skills workshops. (We are also soliciting entries for a new poster contest, open only to graduate and undergraduate students.


Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology on "Hacking the Black/White Binary"

Submission deadline: 08-01-2014

Hacking the Black/White Binary while recognizing its continuing effects is critical. In light of persistent anti-Black racism and violence, how do we hold central our struggles against anti-Black and comparative racial oppressions in the U.S. while “hacking” the Black/White binary? How do we transform our understanding of race in our “post-racial,” post-digital world? In short, can we “hack” the power structures of white supremacy, and how might women of color feminisms, and all their digital tools, inform this endeavor?


Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology - Issue 8: Gender, Globalization and the Digital

Submission deadline: 09-30-2014

In this issue we seek essays that explore gender and sexuality concerns in digital spaces and cultures, as well as academic fields such as the digital humanities and computational sciences


Ongoing Calls

Office of Research Cyberinfrastructure: The International Journal on Digital Libraries

Submission deadline: Ongoing

The International Journal on Digital Libraries is a quarterly journal aimed at advancing the theory and practice of acquisition, definition, organization, management, and dissemination of digital information via global networking. The Journal seeks high quality research papers that present original theoretical results, algorithms, or approaches, as well as empirical and experimental studies

Digital Humanities Research and Publication in NCAW

Submission deadline: Ongoing

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide has received a grant from the Mellon Foundation for a three-year capacity-building initiative to maximize the possibilities of the journal electronic delivery. With this in mind, NCAW is soliciting potential articles that take full advantage of new web technologies either in the research or the publication phase, or both. The Mellon grant is intended to help authors in the development phase of their articles as well as to aid NCAW in the implementation phase. NCAW is seeking scholarship that engages in one or more of the following, interrelated areas of investigation: Data Mining, GIS, and High-resolution Imaging

Authors are not expected to have extensive technical expertise themselves; instead NCAW will work with them to help in realizing the computing aspects of their project. Authors should, however, be generally knowledgeable about the technological possibilities related to their project and should be able to articulate how both specific computer-based research methods and the online publication format connect with the research questions on which their project focuses.

Drupal for Humanists

Submission deadline: Ongoing

Drupal for Humanists, it is meant to provide first an understanding of how to install and configure Drupal and then a series of case studies representative of Drupal's use in humanities research and the library, with a special emphasis on how these sites can evolve in an agile manner when the original project reveals new opportunities for future research, pedagogy or publication.

Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture

Submission deadline: Ongoing

  • Deadline for proposing a themed cluster is June of the year preceding the publication of the cluster.
  • Call for Themed Cluster Submissions is announced in January 20xx.
  • Deadline for cluster submissions is August 20xx.
  • Themed cluster published in October 20xx.

Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture seeks works generally considered “nontraditional” in that their nontraditionality is established by the eschewing of conceptual boundaries that separate the humanities, and specifically rhetoric, from the rest of the academic world. We encourage submissions that take risks, to such an extent that “risk” is recognized as the shifting myriad possibilities that appear, disappear, and mutate as one follows any creative, intellectual, or investigative path. Rather than offering a clear-cut definition of what rhetoric is, Itineration seeks submissions that investigate, expose, interrogate, contemplate, and/ or complicate the rhetorical impetus evident in all cultural productions, including examination of the very concept of “culture.”

Games on Games project

Submission deadline: Ongoing

The Games on Games project originates from the hypothesis that it is possible and fruitful to critique videogames and their related themes by adopting their own forms, mechanics and languages. The meta-referential intention to transpose scientific research from written word to the playing field opens up a range of different challenges...

GO::DH, Around DH in 80 Days

Submission deadline: Ongoing

AroundDH hopes to be a fun way to introduce the work of colleagues around the world to those who are just starting out. Everyday for 80 days we will visit a group or projects across the globe. An editorial board will select a total of 80 groups or projects out of master list created by volunteers like you. Groups in the list will be approached to describe themselves and highlight their work in 200 words or less. We will do our best to bring attention to digital scholarship outside of Canada, Europe, the US and Japan. In that sense, we are departing from a broad and inclusive vision of DH. Besides the audience of new comers, the global scope of the tour should also attract some of the more seasoned DH’ers. The greatest challenge of the editorial board is to balance the geographical margins with the greatest-hits of the northern mainstream. The greatest hope of the project is to paint enough of a broad picture of digital humanities to redefine it in the process. Thus, AroundDH can be read not only as a tour of the globe, but also as a dance around the periphery of DH.

Practices in the Digital Humanities

Submission deadline: Ongoing

This book series is focused on the practices of the digital humanities by providing best practices, models, case studies, and examples of how to build to standards, architect experiences, manage systems, and manage projects. Bringing together experts from across the digital humanities, this series will be written by digital humanities scholars for digital humanities scholars. This series will also provide digital humanities graduate students with a much-needed source for the practice of digital humanities. This book series will fill a major need for books on practice from the digital humanities perspective by providing specific examples of how to design, develop, and maintain digital humanities projects.

Digital Humanities and Social Change anthology

Submission deadline: Ongoing

I am currently gathering 100 word abstract proposals for an anthology of essays and project descriptions focusing on how digital humanities work has in the past or is currently supporting or promoting movements for progressive social change. I am especially interested in work connected fairly directly to social movements (feminist, anti-racist, Occupy, global justice, etc.), but will interpret the call fairly broadly. Abstracts and queries should be sent to: T.V. Reed,


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