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Directors and Staff

Peter Knox (Director)

Peter Knox

Professor Knox teaches a wide range of courses in Greek and Latin literature, as well as on topics in Roman culture, ancient epic and classical reception, using sources in translation. His research interests focus primarily on Latin poetry and Greek poetry of the Hellenistic period, and he has published over a hundred articles and reviews on a wide range of subjects within those areas. His books include Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the Traditions of Augustan Poetry (1986); Ovid, Heroides: Select Epistles (1995);Oxford Readings in Ovid (2006); and A Companion to Ovid (2009). Most recently he published The Oxford Anthology of Roman Literature (2013) in collaboration with J. C. McKeown, with whom he is also working on a companion anthology of Greek literature. His other projects include an edition of the Greek and Latin poetry of Angelo Poliziano, forthcoming in the I Tatti Renaissance Library, and a new edition of Ovid’s Metamorphoses for the Loeb Classical Library. He has served as the Editor ofThe Classical Journal and is a Past President of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South.



Timothy Wutrich (Associate Director)

timothy_wutrichTimothy Wutrich (B.A. Cleveland State University, M.A., Ph.D., Tufts University) is the author of the book Prometheus and Faust: The Promethean Revolt in Drama from Classical Antiquity to Goethe. At present he divides his scholarly interests into three spheres. He is interested in all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman drama (especially the relationship between Homer and Attic tragedy, and the rise, fall, and Nachleben of Latin drama), Vergil (especially the heroic tradition and the Aeneid), and the Classical Tradition (especially the reception of the Homeric hero in postclassical literature and the arts).

At CWRU Dr. Wutrich has taught all levels of Latin, Greek Tragedy, Greek and Roman literature surveys, Greek and Roman civilization, and Greek and Latin elements (etymology). He also regularly teaches in the university’s SAGES program.

Timothy Wutrich’s scholarship and teaching interests also connect with his outreach activities. Each spring he organizes Vergil Week, a campus-wide celebration of the poetry, life, and times of Vergil, Rome’s greatest poet. Wutrich also has been involved with the American Philological Association’s Committee on Ancient Drama and Performance (CAMP) and has acted in a number of ancient plays, as well as in plays from the Classical Tradition.


Maggie Kaminski (Administrative Director)

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMaggie Kaminski is an alumna, having received her master of non-profit organizations degree at CWRU in 1995. She has worked in various capacities at CWRU, including over ten years of service in the School of Medicine’s development office where she was director of alumni affairs and friends programs, director of leadership programs, and a consultant in matters related to the capital campaign for the Cleveland Health Sciences Library as well as the Amici Medicinae (Friends of Medicine) program. She has been with the Baker-Nord Center since March 2007.




Allison Schifani (Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar)

allison_schifaniAllison Schifani received her PhD from the Graduate Program in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her work explores literatures, media art, and urban intervention in the 20th and 21st Century Americas. Her dissertation, Biotechnical Ecologies: Urban Practice and Play in Buenos Aires and Los Angeles focused on extra-institutional ways of shaping the experience of the city and speculating on its digital futures. She is currently writing on emerging DIY media and art practices in Cleveland.






Lee Zickel (Digital Humanities Manager)

Taking his educational history — covering Biology, Literature, and Library and Information Science — and combining it with a love of games, Lee has developed, proposed, and been accepted to a Multidisciplinary PhD program that combines Information Systems and Organizational Behavior with Cognitive Linguistics. He is the first person in the College of Arts and Sciences at CWRU to submit a program of this nature and had it accepted. His work focuses on investigating the cognitive implications of small group collaboration in narrative co-construction during gameplay and explores the shifting notions and mappings of failure in non-game settings.

In addition to his scholarship, Lee also serves as the Digital Humanities Manager of the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities. When donning his DHM hat, Lee is responsible for consulting on project design, guiding faculty to the appropriate service support, and raising the profile of digital humanities on campus. Additionally, he serves as the Center webmaster, de facto marketing production lead, and general AV “guy.”



Past Directors

John Orlock

Samuel B. and Virginia C. Knight Professor of Humanities
Director, 2010-2014
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Anne Helmreich

Senior Programming Officer, The Getty Foundation
Director, 2007-2010
Associate Director, 2004-2007.


Timothy Beal

Florence Harkness Professor of Religion, CWRU
Director, 2004-2007
Associate Director, 2002-2004.
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Tom Bishop

The University of Auckland
Founding Director, 1996-2004.


Marie Lathers

Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Humanities and French, CWRU
Associate Director.
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Catherine Scallen

Associate Pofessor of Art History, CWRU
Associate Director.
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Angela Wollacott

The Macquarie University, Sydney
Associate Director.